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General Manager and President at IBM Japan, Ltd.

Akio Yamaguchi


Akio Yamaguchi was born in Kinokawa City, Wakayama Prefecture in 1964. He is the eldest son of a Arakawa peach farmer, and he lived in Wakayama until his graduation from high school. Yamaguchi joined IBM Japan, Ltd. in 1985 after graduating from university in Osaka. He began his career as an engineer and followed this with a variety of different positions, including Corporate Planning in the President’s Office and serving as an assistant director at IBM in the US. Starting in 2007, Yamaguchi took over IBM Japan’s Global Business Services operations, where he was responsible for supporting customer innovation in such areas as consulting and systems development and maintenance. In 2017, he was made Senior Managing Executive Officer and General Manager of Global Business Services. At the same time, Yamaguchi was made an executive officer of IBM Corporation (IBM’s headquarters in America). He has served in his current position since May 2019.

A place to cultivate the courage for tomorrow and beyond

I always feel a sense of relief whenever I go back to Wakayama. I genuinely have a sense that I am returning home. This is particularly true for Koyasan, which is my favorite place on earth.

I remember being a little boy and going to worship in the Okuno-in.
I remember going with my parents to buy an umbrella pine.
I remember driving along the Koya-Ryujin Skyline Road amidst thick, verdant green.

So many memories of Koyasan are etched in my mind.

In particular, when I am on Koyasan, I can somehow feel the earth's life force emanating from the surrounding forests, refreshing my spirit and re-energizing me for whatever task I need to tackle next.

A place to cultivate the courage for tomorrow and beyond - that is what Koyasan is for me.

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