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Professor Emeritus at Keio University

Yoshio Miyama


Yoshio Miyama is an expert in musicology and the history of western music. He has studied at such prestigious institutions as the University of Paris and is an undergraduate and graduate professor at Keio University, as well as director of the Keio University Art Center. Miyama has been involved in the project to digitalize the Nanki Music Library of the Kishu Tokugawa Family Collection and, since 2017, has contributed to research and promotion of the collection contributed by the Nanki Music Library to the Wakayama Prefectural Library. He has authored a variety of books, inlcuding Ongaku-shi no Meikyoku and Fauré: Complete Piano Works.

Drawing modern inspiration from the Kishu Domain “Tourist Pavilion”

This is the seal of the “Tourist Pavilion” which was established in Edo by Kishu Domain. It was established by a domain lord who had heard how Chinese rulers had benefited from the practice of showing visitors the splendor of their country. I am delighted to be part of a modern effort with the same intent and sentiment. I am delighted to be helping reveal the abundant spiritual splendor of Wakayama.

Seal of the Kishu Domain “Tourist Pavilion”

Member Profiles

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