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Calligrapher and ink artist

Rogen Ebihara


Rogen Ebihara is a calligrapher, ink artist, and cultural ambassador of the Agency for Cultural Affairs. He was born in Shimotsuke City, Tochigi Prefecture, in 1961. He was been studying calligraphy since he was four years old. His works can be found in the collections of institutions such as the Embassy of Japan in France, the Embassy of Italy in Japan, Shaanxi History Museum in China, the Musée canadien de l'histoire in Canada. Recently he has held exhibits at the Galerie Nichido Paris and Isetan Shinjuku. Ebihara, who has earned international renown, is involved with numerous projects in addition to personal exhibits in various locations, including title lettering for film and stage productions, television programs, and books. He also gives calligraphy performances in Japan and overseas. Since being appointed to serve as a cultural ambassador by the Agency for Cultural Affairs in 2012, he has promoted cultural exchange by giving talks and hosting workshops at venues such as the University of Rome in Italy. He also works to promote cultural exchange at universities and other institutions in the UK, France, and China. He is currently presiding over a group known as the Shogan-no-Kai at the International House of Japan, where he offers instruction to younger artists.

I look forward to taking advantage of my experience in cultural programs in Japan and overseas to contribute to the Group of 100 Devotees of Koyasan and Kumano.

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