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Shishu communicates Japanese thought and culture to the world by transforming the Japanese traditional culture of calligraphy into pictures, sculptures, and media art while extracting the sensibility and logic encapsulated in each character.
The retired emperor and empress attended one of her exhibits. She wished them well and showed them her work.
She was the first Japanese artist to win both the Gold Medal and the Grand Prize at the Société nationale des beaux-arts exhibit held at an underground venue at the Louvre Museum of Arts. She was also selected to appear as a featured guest artist at next year’s exhibit. It is a remarkable achievement that is second only to Taikan Yokoyama.
She designed the entrance display at the Japanese Pavilion at the Expo Milano 2015, and the pavilion won first place in the display design category.

An eternal place

My goal for my calligraphy is for my writing to overflow with the benefits and power of its words. To that end, I eat a vegetarian diet and concentrate on just the tip of my brush while writing in inconvenient locations far from the city.
I visited eternal Koyasan twice this year to seek the inspiration of Kukai in my calligraphy and to study Shingon Buddhism. I want to become a calligrapher who can write like Kukai, although I remain far from attaining that goal.
To express the essence of Kukai with calligraphy, it will be necessary to cultivate receptivity to eternity and resistance to delusion and greed.
It seems impossible to attain such a state in this world, but I believe that it is possible with hard work.

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