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Nanase Aikawa


Nanase Aikawa debuted in 1995 with the song “Yume Miru Shoujo Ja-irarenai”, and every year on July 7th - “Nanase Day” - she gives a live performance. In addition to her music, Aikawa has published a picture book and a novel, Dahlia; she has penned several travel essays about sacred sites in Japan, “Kami-musubi,” “En-musubi” and “Taiyo to Tsuki no Musubi;” and her novel Dahlia was adapted as a manga-style comic by Minami Ozaki. Also, as a Red Rice Ambassador for Soja City in Okayama Prefecture, Tsushima City in Nagasaki Prefecture and Minamitane Town in Kagoshima Prefecture, Aikawa takes part in various efforts aimed at preserving and passing on the traditional religious and cultural practices associated with red rice. One way in which she supports the continuation of red rice religious and cultural practices is through the Red Rice Festival, an annual charity event which she started four years ago.
In June of this year, Aikawa and Ayumi Nakamura, have undertaken a fresh challenge as the musical project ANNA, recorded and released an album containing covers of songs by Ryudo Uzaki and Yoko Aki as well as two new songs.

A sacred land of revival

Kumano is known as a sacred land of revival, a place to breathe purification into our hearts and minds whenever we visit.
It is a place you never tire of, no matter how often you visit.
Clear rivers, lush forests and old paths.
Kumano is a place of wonder and mystery.
When I stand still, it’s as if I can hear the wind and woods whispering in my ear. And all the while a tremendous energy is radiating outward.
It is truly one of my favorite sacred places in all of Japan.

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