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Minori Kai


Minori Kai was born in Shizuoka. After graduating from the Department of Literary Arts at the Osaka University of Arts, she moved to Kyoto. She currently lives in Tokyo. Her writing primarily covers topics such as travel, walking, candy, local bread, gifts, classic hotels, miscellaneous goods, and lifestyles. She became enchanted by Wakayama Prefecture while editing and writing Tanabe City: Travel as You Live and Exploring Tanabe by Morning, Afternoon, Evening, and Night, a pair of sightseeing information pamphlets about Tanabe City in Wakayama Prefecture. She travels to Tanabe several times each year to participate along with local residents in events that communicate the appeal of the community. She has published more than 40 books, including Jimoto Pan Techo, Aisu no Tabi, Zenkoku Kawaii Omiyage, and Okashi no Tsutsumigami.

Koyasan and Kumano offer me their power!

Editing and writing sightseeing information pamphlets about Tanabe City in Wakayama Prefecture has brought me to Tanabe three or four times a year, and the more I visit, the more I like Wakayama Prefecture and Tanabe City. Tanabe City is an historic place through which the Kumano Kodo runs. When I learned that the road runs through a section of the city close to JR Kii-Tanabe Sta. where a nostalgic, Showa-era townscape remains, I felt a romantic pang at the sense of how everyday life and World Heritage legacy were intimately intertwined here. When I make a pilgrimage to Kumano Hongu Grand Taisha Shrine and Tokei-jinja Shrine or visit places like Yunomine Onsen, Kawayu Onsen onsen, and Ryujin Onsen onsen, it makes me feel like I have been reborn in both body and spirit. I’ve joined valued friends and acquaintances who live in Tanabe to host events that offer a chance to walk along the Kumano Kodo or experience the city’s history, and I look forward to continuing to be involved in activities that communicate the appeal of Wakayama Prefecture.

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