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Head of the Kirix Group

Shunzo Yamaguchi


1934 Shunzo Yamaguchi is born in Wakayama Prefecture in Shingu City (formerly Sasabi, Kumanogawa Town, Higashimuro District).
He graduates from Wakayama Prefectural Shingu High School. 
After graduating from Doshisha University, Yamaguchi moves to Aichi Prefecture and begins working for Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd.
1960 Yamaguchi strikes out on his own and establishes his own company.
He oversees Kirix Lease Co., Ltd. and Netz-Higashi Nagoya Co., Ltd.
2005 Yamaguchi opens the Lexus Hikarigaoka dealership.
2011 Yamaguchi receives the Medal with Yellow Ribbon
Yamaguchi’s involvement also extends to outside organizations, including serving for many years as the president of the Tokai Wakayama Prefectural Residents’ Association and chairman of the Tokai regional liaison council of the national prefectural residents’ association.
He is a member of the Wakayama Oendan (a Wakayama supporters’ organization), as well as serves as a “hometown ambassador” for Aichi.

I am 86 years old, and I spent 18 of those years in Kumano. After that I've lived in cities. I lived in Kyoto and Nagoya, and every waking minute was spent working. No matter how old I get, the memories of my hometown remain as clear as ever. That rock, that stream, the shape of that mountain...even after 68 years none of it has changed. I’m sure my dear departed parents are still there in some form, as well. Their elderly figures still spring vividly to the front of my mind when I think of them.
The cherished lessons of my youth, that temperance is a virtue and that too much of something is as bad as too little, have stayed with me throughout all my time living in the city and have served as the driving force behind the growth and development of my business. It is my hometown that shaped the essence of who I am.

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