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Representative attorney of Toranomon Law and Economic Office
Director of the Comprehensive Senior Support Center
Director of the Senga Attorney at Law Scholarship Foundation

Shuichi Senga


This year marks the 50th year since I registered as an attorney in 1970. The Toranomon Law and Economic Office (TLEO) has a staff of 90 attorneys and 30 other qualified professionals and operates 30 branches nationwide (in the Kansai region, Wakayama, Kyoto, Osaka, and Kobe). The Comprehensive Senior Support Center (3S Center) is part of the TLEO Group. The 3S Center is a non-profit corporation that offers a comprehensive range of support to senior citizens, including guarantor services, estate planning, asset management, lifestyle support, residential, and other services. Currently I serve as the representative of both of those corporations and as the chairman of other public-interest corporations.

In 1969, the Legal Training and Research Institute of Japan held a three-day, two-night summer group training session at Koyasan in which I participated as a legal apprentice. I was surprised to see the graves of numerous military commanders from the Sengoku era lining both sides of the pilgrimage route when we visited Okuno-in. When we established the 3S Center in 2014, we decided to erect a memorial tower for members at Koyasan. We received a permanent right to use 36 square meters of a park-like cemetery through Koyasan Okuno-in, and the tower was completed in December 2015. Reflecting the TLEO Group’s management philosophy of Coexistence and Mutual Assistance, we had former prime minister Toshiki Kaifu write the characters for “Mutual Assistance” and then had them engraved on a stone in the middle of the tower.
We asked the renowned Kongo Sanmai-in to house the cemetery for the tower. The tower memorializes all members who have passed away, and we hold a joint memorial service attended by 3S Center officers and interested members every year. I’m happy to have erected a memorial tower in a cemetery at Koyasan, which was founded by Kukai and which is known as the “shared cemetery for all the world,” and I'm happy to be able to make a pilgrimage there every year.

Member Profiles

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