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“Mine” means “water” in one of the indigenous dialects of North America, while “haha” means “to smile.” She graduated from Ferris Women's Junior College with a degree in vocal music. After being discovered by a talent scout while singing at her school disco, she began working as a studio musician at the tender age of 18. Over time she found herself becoming inundated with requests to record sound logos for commercials, because advertisers realized that “when this woman sings, your product sells!”
She spent three months traveling Africa on her own, and the experience transformed her perspective on life; she decided that she wanted to perform solo as MINEHAHA, singing songs that would touch people’s hearts. She had her solo debut as MINEHAHA in 1994. Every year, MINEHAHA holds 70 to more than 80 concerts for her fans nationwide.

God is the very breath of nature itself

The first time I visited Wakayama I was overwhelmed by its natural abundance.
 By its rich, green mountains, radiating such energy. The forests are pulsing with power. The deep green resembles a mountain of broccoli.
 No matter how many times I behold the nature of Wakayama, I am left in awe. It leaves me convinced that Wakayama is full of sacred sites and hallowed grounds.
 I believe that the true god is nature itself. The life force welling up from the earth. How could anyone who has directly experienced the rich, greenery of those woods not feel that they are communing with the divine?
 To begin with, surely religion isn’t something to be taught but, rather, something that we believe because we feel it with our heart? To truly live as humans, I believe we must never lose our reverence and respect for nature.
 Dragons live up among the mountain ridges. And the history, ancestors, future...all of Wakayama rides atop the back of a dragon god.
 Firmly rooted in the earth, resolute and unshakable in the face of anything. Such are the people of Wakayama, whose character has been cultivated by the abundance of nature surrounding them.
 I, MINEHAHA, also seek to ride the dragon god’s back, to pass on the true spirit of Japan to future generations.

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