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Model and radio personality


Since she began working as a model at age 17, Hana has been involved with a wide range of professional activities, including as an emcee, narrator, radio personality, and essayist. She speaks English and French fluently, and she graduated from Sophia University’s Faculty of Comparative Culture. Her hobbies include practicing the tea ceremony, making sweets, and admiring Buddhist statues. She’s authored numerous books, including most recently Hana, Cha no Yu ni Deau. She began working as an ambassador to promote National Treasures in September 2017 and as a trustee for the Nara National Museum in April 2019.

Koyasan is a power spot inhabited by an unknowable energy. Legend has it that a pestle-shaped trident vajra thrown from China by the monk Kukai as he was searching for a land in which to spread the teachings of esoteric Buddhism was caught on the branch of a pine tree there, and the mountain is dotted with memorials to historic people, a rocket (erected by an industrial conglomerate), and even termites (erected by an association of pest control companies). What’s more, masterpieces by Kamakura-period sculptors Unkei and Kaikei can be seen at Koyasan Reihokan Museum, whose collection charts the area’s cultural legacy and stimulates my love of Buddhist sculpture. I look forward to continuing to take journeys that bring me into contact with the mysteries of Koyasan as it is enveloped in the shifting scenery of each season.
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