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Kaori Mizumori


Kaori Mizumori had her debut in 1995 singing “Oshiroi-bana,” and in 2003 she released “Tottori Sakyu,” which became a lasting hit. Also in 2003, she made her first appearance on the “54th Annual NHK Kohaku Utagassen singing contest.” She has appeared on the program every year thereafter for the past sixteen years.
In 2006, Mizumori released the song “Kumano Kodo.”
She is originally from Tokyo.

A journey of self re-discovery

I released the song “Kumano Kodo” in 2006, and thanks to it I have had the privilege of performing at the Kumano Hongu Taisha Annual Festival held every year in April. Singing in such a holy place has a purifying effect which leaves me feeling renewed.

Member Profiles

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