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Korokke debuted in August 1980 on NTV’s Owarai Star Tanjo (A Comedy Star Is Born). In addition to his frequent appearances on TV, radio and other media, Korokke regularly gives concerts around the country as well as headlines shows at major theaters, such as the Meiji-za in Tokyo. He has a repertoire of more than 300 impressions and continually works to break new ground as an entertainer, such as by incorporating his impressions together with robotic movement or hip-hop dancing. He has also found great success performing overseas, including in Las Vegas and all over America, as well as in China, Korea and Australia. He is the recipient of such well-known awards as the Asakusa Entertainment Award New Entertainer Award; he is taking on more and more acting roles in movies and television; and he is increasingly working as a voice actor in anime and overseas dramas. He received the 2014 Commissioner for Cultural Affairs Award and, in February 2016, while being presented with the Japan Entertainment Award, was described as, “being someone whose name is synonymous with impressionist entertainment and whose distinctive performance style, which exaggerates a single, notable characteristic of his subject, is on the level of Picasso.”

Using impressions to deliver smiles and laughter

For me, Kumano is a sacred place where past, present and future intersect. You look back on your life and you look ahead to what's to come, renewing your mind in a place that I truly believe is an abode of the gods. Everyone has things about which they feel guilt and remorse. Kumano is a place where you can confront and rethink them and reset yourself in both mind and body. Whenever I encounter people in passing who have visited Kumano, I am struck by how many of them are smiling and laughing, and it always perks me up. It feels as if everyone who visits Kumano comes away purified, or even reborn. To me, it's exactly the sort of place you would want to visit if you are living with some burden. I encourage everyone to visit, and to visit often. I am certain that the experience will open your eyes in some way, and it is certainly a place of smiles and laughter.
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