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Hiromi Tanaka

Hiromi Tanaka is a representative for the Marunouchi Hannyakai: a social circle for women with a shared interest in Buddhism. She teaches about Buddhist sculpture at the Yomiuri Culture Center and Chunichi Culture Center as well as leads instructional tours to historical sites. She is featured as the accompanying expert for the Mainichi Shimbun Travel Service’s “Tanaka Hiromi no Hyaku-butsu Junrei” (100 Buddhist Statues with Hiromi Tanaka). Ms. Tanaka has around 60 books and publications to her name, including Shingon-mikkyo no Seichi Koyasan he Ikou! (JTB Publishing), Kokoro Yasuragi Butsuzo Nazori-gaki (Ikeda Publishing), Furari Ohenro-tabi (Nishinihon Publisher), Quiz de Nyumon Nippon no Butsuzo (Kodansha+α Bunko), Manga de Wakaru Tensai Busshi! Unkei (JTB Publishing) and Nazotte Egakeba Kigan Joju Unkei Shabutsu (Asahi Shimbun Publications). Hiromi Tanaka’s official website:

I absolutely love Koyasan, and this passion is on full display in the book I made for Koyasan: Shingon-mikkyo no Seichi Koyasan he Ikou! [Taking a Trip to Koyasan - the Holy Land of Esoteric Buddhism] (JTB Publishing). The monk Kobo Daishi (Kukai) is my superstar. And the heavenly sanctuary he founded - Koyasan - is truly amazing! Its scenery changes with the seasons, giving it a different appearance on every visit. And no matter how many times you come, the brisk and invigorating air never fails to refresh. The atmosphere changes, however, once you step inside Kobo Daishi’s mausoleum in Okuno-in, where there is a palpable sense of sacredness. My desire is to share with as many people as possible all of what makes Koyasan so wonderful.
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