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Hiroyuki Konishi


Hiroyuki Konishi was born in Tanabe City in Wakayama Prefecture. He obtained a teaching license for commercial high schools. After university, Konishi auditioned and was accepted for a part in the NHK drama Chugakusei Nikki. He had his debut in the role of a physical education instructor. He later became a regular member of the variety show Kin-chan no Shukan Kinyobi, where he was part of the Kin-chan “family,” playing a popular character who looks fierce on the outside but is actually a big softie inside. He has appeared as an actor in numerous television dramas and films. He was diagnosed with kidney cancer in 2005, but he recovered and was able to go back to work. Konishi says his experience with cancer taught him to stop fighting and to see the importance of living positively and having a heart of gratitude towards everyone. His childhood dream was to be the Captain on the Ultraman television show, and in 2007 that dream came true when he played ZAP Spacy Captain Hyuga in the 2007 film Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle.

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