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Representative Director and Vice Chairman of the Board for Suntory Holdings Limited

Shingo Torii


Shingo Torii was born in 1953.
“The mystery of what makes whiskey, beer and wine delicious is not something scientifically quantifiable. I recently went on Scottish whiskey, German beer and French wine trip. No matter how many times I visit a place, I always discover something new. I have come to keenly appreciate the fact that alcohol is a product of culture. Through it, we recreate and develop the local culture. Cultivating culture is something I encourage young people to get involved with.
At Suntory, we facilitate cultural and social contribution activities through the Suntory Foundation, the Suntory Foundation for the Arts and the Suntory Foundation for Life Sciences, as well as through various other organizations, including the Hoju-kai Social Welfare Corporation and Hibarigaoka Gakuen Educational Corporation. Whether business or social contribution activities, it is important that you first look, learn and comprehend the reality of each situation; in other words, find out using your own two feet and your heart. The journey is worth taking. To Wakayama, to Koyasan, to Kumano...”

Koyasan and Kumano combine history, nature, climate and religious experience together like nowhere else.
The appeal of Wakayama starts with the deliciousness of its food. An endless abundance of seafood can be found in the Kuroshio Current. And the lush forests and clear streams of Wakayama are famous for their copious sweetfish, mandarins, persimmons, plums and much more. The mehari-style sushi is also superb.
The Kumano region is a place of exceptional natural power where legend states that Hangan Oguri was brought back to life; this famous tale is reenacted in kabuki and joruri narrative drama.
The temples on Koyasan were established by the monk Kukai who said about enlightenment that it was like having a mind resembling air, a mind resembling the sea, and that we are born countless times without ever knowing where we come from and die countless times without ever knowing where it all ends. Lots of people from overseas come and stay in the pilgrims’ lodging.
Come to Wakayama, the birthplace of Minakata Kumagusu, Hanaoka Seishu, Mutsu Munemitsu, Konosuke Matsushita and so many other great people, and come visit Koyasan and Kumano to experience their energy and vitality for yourself.

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