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Toshimi Tagawa


Toshimi Tagawa debuted on Nippon Columbia’s label with “Onna... Hitoritabi” in 1992.
She has won numerous new-artist awards, including at the Japan Record Awards and the Japan Music Awards.
In 1994, she participated in the 45th NHK Kohaku Utagassen singing contest for the first time, and she has appeared a total of four times since then, including the following year. She boasts consistent skill as a singer, as is evidenced by her receipt of the Best Singer Award at the 43rd Japan Record Awards. She has won numerous other accolades, including an Outstanding Song Award at the Japan Lyricist Awards and an Award for Excellence in Cable Music at the Japan Cable Awards.
“Koi wa Hitoiro,” which will be released on January 16, is a cheerful enka-style song that’s sure to resonate with both women and men.

Be sure to come to Koyasan and Kumano!

Precisely because I have the chance to visit numerous places through song, I have a renewed sense of the warmth of the people of Wakayama, where I'm from, and the richness of the place’s natural blessings.
Once I took a long drive from Wakayama City when I was dazzled by the beauty of the famous Sandanbeki Rock Cliff, and I went from the Kumano Kodo to Koyasan.
I’ve received a work entitled “Nyonin-michi,” and that makes me feel a connection to Kumano.
I've gotten into mountain trekking recently, and I'm looking forward to visiting the Kumano Kodo again.
I hope everyone will visit Koyasan and Kumano!

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