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Special Corporate Advisor of Panasonic Corporation

Masayuki Matsushita


Masayuki Matsushita was born in 1945.
He attended Keio University and graduated with a degree in economics in 1968. That same year he joined Matsushita Electric Industrial (now Panasonic). He was made Vice President of the company in 1996. In 2000, Matsushita became Vice Chairman and served in this position until 2019, when he assumed his current role. Outside of Panasonic, Matsushita has served or currently serves in a variety of positions which allow him to contribute to cultural, educational and sports-related areas; these positions include Vice Chairman of the Kansai Economic Federation, Chairman of the PHP Institute (since 2011), Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Konan Women’s Academy (2001 - 2014) and Director (part-time) of J-League soccer team Gamba Osaka.

Being a Wakayama Prefecture Supporter

My connection to Wakayama Prefecture goes back to my grandfather, Konosuke Matsushita, who was born there, and I have long worked to maintain this connection by being a Wakayama Prefecture Supporter, doing whatever I can in my capacity as Vice Chairman of the Kansai Economic Federation to help with the development of the region. There is also a cenotaph for Panasonic employees on the grounds of the Okuno-in (the site of Saint Kobo Daishi’s mausoleum), and I visit it each year to pay my respects.

In 1979, my grandfather, Konosuke, had an opportunity to speak with Wakayama Governor Kariya, and during their conversation my grandfather apparently told the governor that Wakayama should use tourism to set itself apart from surrounding prefectures and develop an independent identity and spirit. Given that it is surrounded by ocean on three sides and has very little flat land, people would think Wakayama ill-suited as a tourism destination; however, it has a mild climate, abundant culinary variety, is located close to an international airport and, most of all, is home to the Koyasan and Kumano World Heitage, as well as a wealth of other sightseeing resources. I want to contribute to the development of Wakayama Prefecture by helping raise awareness of these strong points among the people of Japan and people overseas.

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