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Walking doctor

Duke Saraie


Duke Saraie was born in Shingu City in Wakayama Prefecture. After directing and producing fashion shows and offering instruction in walking technique to models, he was inspired by his mother, who injured her feet by walking incorrectly, to begin offering walking lessons to the general public. He established “Duke’s Walking,” a proprietary exercise technique that incorporates elements of Qigong, exercise physiology, martial arts, yoga, ballet, Pilates, and breathing techniques. He has homes in Monaco and Tokyo. He considers “walking life span” to be a measure of “healthy life span,” and he communicates the correct way to walk to a nationwide audience in the form of “Pinshan Walking,” a technique that allows people to walk with their own two feet until age 100. He also hosts events such as “Hoiku,” which invites participants to think about morality by walking, and “Walking Worship,” in which participants pray for peace at shines and temples.

Member Profiles

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