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Yutaka Yamakawa


Yutaka Yamakawa debuted in February 5, 1981 with the song “Hakodate Honsen” released by Toshiba EMI (now Universal Music). In 1986, he appeared on the NHK Kohaku Utagassen singing contest, singing “Toki-meki Waltz.” In 1998, Yamakawa released “America-bashi,” which went on to be a major hit.
 In 2015, he released the smash hit single, “Keiko.” At the 48th Annual Japan Lyricist Awards, Yamakawa received the Japan Lyricists’ Association 50th Anniversary Memorial Award.
He followed up “Keiko” with his Pure Love series, releasing “Sai-ai/Shinkiro-no-machi kara” in 2016 and “Tasogare” in 2017.
 Yamakawa released a new song in 2018 entitled “Kyou to iu Hi ni Kansha shite.” For it he received the Excellence Award at the first ever Japan Enka Song Awards. This wistful, pleasant-sounding song hums along with the natural setting of Yamakawa’s home prefecture of Mie.

A place of peace and calm set amongst abundant nature

Compared with long ago, the paths are well-maintained and incredibly convenient.
Koyasan and the Kumano Kodo are full of nature which makes even the air you breathe delicious, and no matter how many times I visit, I feel my soul restored. In the past, whenever there was something sad in my life or something I needed to think about, I would go to Koyasan and walk the Kumano Kodo. Being in contact with nature refreshes my spirit.
I recommend taking a sightseeing trip or excursion there twice a year. When you get used to life in the city, don’t you find yourself missing the countryside, missing nature? These past several years I have found myself frequently returning to visit my home prefecture of Mie.
The other day I had the opportunity to perform my new song “Kyou to iu Hi ni Kansha shite” at the Kumano Hongu Taisha Grand Shrine situated along the Kumano Kodo. This song has been out for two years, and the response from fans has been positive. As I find myself in an era without any recent hits, I just want to keep on singing each day.

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