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Baku Yumemakura


Baku Yumemakura was born on January 1, 1951 in Kanagawa Prefecture. He graduated with a degree in Japanese literature from the School of Letters at Tokai University. He published first works in 1977. In the years that followed he released a number of series, including Chimera, Yamigarishi, Garo Den THE LEGEND OF THE HUNGRY WOLF and Onmyoji. In 1989, Yumemakura won the Nihon SF Taisho Award for Jogen no Tsuki wo Taberu Shishi, and in 1998 he won the Shibata Renzuburo Award for Kamigamino itadaki. He won the 2011 Izumi Ky?ka Prize for Literature and the Funahashi Seiichi Prize for Literature for O-Edo Chokaku-den .He also won the 2012 Yoshikawa Eiji Award for O-Edo Chokaku-den.
Among his works that have been adapted as manga-style comics are The Leader of the Darkness Hunters (adapted by Reiko Okano), The Summit of the Gods (Jiro Taniguchi) and Garo Den THE LEGEND OF THE HUNGRY WOLF (Keisuke Itagaki). Several of Yumemakura’s works have also been turned into films, including The Leader of the Darkness Hunters, The Leader of the Darkness Hunters 2, Taitei no Ken, Everesuto Kamigami no Itadaki and Legend of the Demon Cat.

I believe that the Kii Peninsula is a place of singular significance to Japanese history.
 Its landscape shows Japan as it was in its primal, pristine state. Like the formless interior of some cosmic egg, everything which is good and everything which is magical and mysterious is jumbled together in a chaotic mix that eventually blends together.
 On Koyasan, the monk Kukai is chatting with the ancient Shinto gods, while in Kumano can be found Yatagarasu, the sacred three-legged raven that helped early people from far-off Eurasia reach Japan.
 This is a land full of mysteries.
 And unraveling these mysteries is endlessly fun.

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