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Noh Actor Designated as General Holder of Important Intangible Cultural Property, Otsuzumi-kata (Large Hand Drum Player) of the Okura School

Shonosuke Okura


Shonosuke Okura was born into the founding family of the Okura school of otsuzumi (large hand drum) and kotsuzumi (small hand drum) musical accompaniment for Noh performances. He learned from his father, Chojuro Okura, and grandfather, Choemon Okura, and started accompanying Noh performances at the age of nine.
In addition to Noh theater, Okura performs for visiting heads of state and other VIPs, at dinner parties hosted at the Prime Minister’s official residence, and at government-sponsored musical festivals. He has gone to the Vatican as a representative for Japan and given a performance for the Pope.
He performed at the opening ceremony for the Major League Baseball opening game at Tokyo Dome. During the Dynamite! mixed martial arts event held at the National Stadium, he gave a solo performance in front of an audience of 100,000.
Okura is very actively involved in international exchange, performing together with artists from around Japan and overseas.
He has made many appearances in commercials, documentaries and other media and continues to work to communicate the wonderful aspects of Japanese culture worldwide.

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