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Yuki Nakashima


Yuki Nakashima is a voice actress and a member of the Wakayama Prefecture Furusato Public Relations Bureau. She was born in Wakayama Prefecture. She’s been active as a child actor and model since being an infant, and she began working as a voice actress in 2016.
She plays Zaizen Aoi (Blue Maiden) in Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS as well as Yuki Otokura in The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls and Risa Imai in BanG Dream!
She also voiced Chloe Mandala in Hajimemashite no Koyasan, a promotional animation about World Heritage Koyasan produced by a number of private-sector and educational entities.

Skills: Playing bass and music games
Hobbies: Games, singing and dancing, playing bass

I want to communicate the appeal of Wakayama!

I was a senior in high school when I left Wakayama, where I was born. I made Tokyo my base of operations for job-related reasons. If I'm being honest, I didn’t want to move away. Nonetheless, the move provided an opportunity to gain a new understanding of the appeal of Wakayama and all of its remarkable characteristics.
Wakayama, where I'm from, is a sacred place. Koyasan was founded by the monk Kukai. So many people have made the pilgrimage that it’s been called “the ants’ pilgrimage to Kumano” since ancient times. For both of those places to be located in Wakayama makes the prefecture a truly sacred place. Wakayama is amazing. I talk about Wakayama on the radio and on other media because I want everyone to know about its appeal.
Just as I was thinking that I’d like to have a job that contributed to Wakayama one day, I was asked to join the Wakayama Prefecture Furusato Public Relations Bureau this year, 2020. I'm too happy to put it into words. I look forward to doing more than ever to communicate the appeal of Wakayama!

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