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Manager of the Publishing Department at Shinchosha

Yukari Nakase


Yukari Nakase was born in Tanabe City in Wakayama Prefecture. She graduated from the Faculty of Letters at Nara Women’s University. After serving in positions including the chief editor of Shincho 45 and as a member of the Board of Managing Editors at Shukanshincho, she became manager of the Publishing Department in April 2011. She has appeared as a commentator on programs including Goji ni Muchu (Tokyo MX), Tokudane! (CX), and Kakihana Tadashi Anata to Happii! (Nippon Broadcasting). Her hobbies include reading, watching movies, traveling, visiting fortune-tellers, bicycle racing, Mahjong, and cats.

Koyasan and Kumano offer me their power!

I love fortune-telling, and I'm always looking for “power spots” to visit. Koyasan and Kumano are the strongest power spots in Japan. When I experienced a supernatural phenomenon in my house, I went to Kumano Hongu Taisha Grand Shrine to receive a blessing, and it stopped immediately. Even now, I always recommend making a pilgrimage to Kumano to friends and acquaintances who are experiencing problems or difficulties, and they always thank me.
And then there’s Koyasan. The place has become extremely popular with foreign visitors. I'm looking forward to staying in a Shukubo lodgings for a physical and spiritual “detox” and “power charge.”
I have postcards from Kumano and Koyasan on display in my bedroom. These two beautiful places are my hometown sources of power; they give me the energy to keep up with my busy daily work schedule.

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