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Shakuhachi Flutist

Yoshimi Tsujimoto


Yoshimi Tsujimoto was born in Wakayama Prefecture in 1987. She is a graduate of Tokyo University of the Arts.
Thanks to the influence of her shakuhachi flutist father, Tsujimoto began playing the shakuhachi in earnest from the time she entered high school. Because of her good looks and skill at playing everything from traditional Japanese music to pop music, she has been in the media spotlight ever since her university days.
She has performed overseas on 53 occasions, traveling to 33 cities in 24 countries, including America, Italy, France and Brazil.
In 2014, Tsujimoto received the Hashimoto City Cultural Encouragement Award. In 2015, a video cover of a famous pop song played by Tsujimoto and other performers using traditional Japanese instruments went viral on social media, leading to the formation of her solo project, “Bamboo Flute Orchestra.” She released her album, SHAKUHACHI, on the SME Records label in 2016, marking the first ever major media debut of a solo female shakuhachi flutist.
Tsujimoto remains as busy and committed as ever, driven by a deep desire to introduce people throughout the world to the traditional instruments of Japan.

Member Profiles

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