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EGL Tours Company Limited, Managing Director

Man Ying Yuen

Man Ying Yuen was born in Hong Kong in 1951. He went from being a tour guide to founding his own tour company, EGL Tours, in 1987, and by 1997, EGL Tours was the top travel company in terms of number of Hong Kong travelers it was sending to Japan. Yuen has made significant contributions to Japan’s inbound travel industry, such as by developing Japanese tour options tailored to the diverse needs of Chinese from Hong Kong and actively enticing travelers with chartered flights to regional airports in Japan. In recognition of his various contributions, Yuen was awarded the Japan Tourism Agency Commissioner’s Award in 2011, the Foreign Minister’s Commendation in 2016 and the Order of the Rising Sun (Gold and Silver Rays) in 2018. He is also a staunch partner to local government in Japan and, as of September 2019, has been made a tourism ambassador by 41 different prefectures and municipalities, among whom he is well known as “Mr. Yuen.”

Chinese from Hong Kong love to travel, and their travels take them all over the world in search of the excitement that only comes from encountering one-of-a-kind nature, cuisine and experiences.  In the sacred Kumano region, travelers will find the quintessence of Wakayama Prefecture on display There are many enticing and distinctively Wakayama experiences to be had, including not only a rich tapestry of natural scenery woven together from such variety as the clear blue ocean waters of Shirahama and Kushimoto, the tallest waterfall in Japan boasting a single, continuous drop, Nachi Waterfall, and the verdant mountains and pleasant hiking of the Kumano Kodo, but also a tapestry of taste made up of such delicacies as fresh tuna caught in nearby coastal waters and a colorful cornucopia of mandarin oranges, peaches and persimmons grown in the warmer seasons. As a tourism ambassador for Wakayama Prefecture, I will do my utmost to introduce even more Hong Kong Chinese to the exciting and enticing “only in Wakayama” attractions found in the Kumano region of Wakayama.
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