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Saki Hontani


Saki Hontani is an exclusive model for the fashion magazine S cawaii. She embarked on her modeling career after university, finding work as an Osaka-based fashion magazine snapshot model and mail order website model. She quickly made a name for herself as a model and was hired as the exclusive model for EDGE STYLE fashion magazine.
Her debut as an exclusive model was almost immediately followed by her selection as the second place finalist in the 2014 Tokyo Girls Collection A/W “Miss TGC” awards. Currently, Hontani is based in Wakayama Prefecture, working as an exclusive model for the fashion magazine S cawaii as well as traveling to different parts of Japan to appear in magazines, on-line shopping websites, on TV and in a range of other media.
In 2015, she was chosen to be the poster girl for Wakayama Prefecture's official Instagram page, through which she helps to communicate the charm and appeal of Wakayama. In addition, Hontani was chosen the following year to serve as a Wakayama City Tourism Ambassador.

I was born and raised in Wakayama; so, my impressions of Koyasan and Kumano go back to my early childhood, when they were relaxed, leisurely destinations for family outings. Back then I took them for granted. It wasn’t until I went on a hike up Koyasan with my Girl Scout troop in elementary school that I started to take a real interest in the area. Every trip prior to that had been by car, but walking the mountain gave me the time to take in its distinctive sight and sounds, to be affected by its dignity and grandeur.
The charm of Kumano is found in the splendor and beauty of Kumano Sanzan - the Kumano Sanzan - which contribute to an all-encompassing atmosphere. And of course, there is its power.
It is thrilling to know that we walk the very same routes as those who lived centuries ago, and as I marvel at the surrounding scenery, I feel awed by the care and effort that so many people have contributed to maintain it this way.
As an adult, I have come to realize that nothing about this scenery can be taken for granted, and that is why I want to lend my voice to the effort of communicating the charm and appeal of Koyasan and Kumano to those who do not yet know it.

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