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Dean of Koyasan University Chief Priest of Rengejo-in Temple Gondaisojo (Buddhist priest of the second rank)

Ryusho Soeda


April 18, 1947 Takaaki Soeda is born at Koyasan Rengejo-in
1963 Soeda graduates from Wakayama University Faculty of Education Middle School
1972 Soeda graduates with a degree in philosophy of religion from the Kyoto University Faculty of Letters, Division of Philosophy
1978 Soeda completes doctoral program coursework in the Koyasan University Department of Esoteric Buddhism
2001 Soeda becomes the principal of Kouyasan High School (until 2009)
2013 Head of the Kongobu-ji Head Temple (until 2022)
   Head of the Koyasan Shingon Buddhism Temple Office (until 2022)
   Koyasan University, President (until 2022)
2015 Soeda is made president of the Wakayama branch of the Japan Buddhist Federation (current position)
2021 Dean of Koyasan University (current position)
Books authored: Daishi ha Ima-da Owashimasu ka (Koyasan Publishing)

There is a lyric in a song by Dreams Come True which goes,
“Why is it
That when I just want to say
How much I really, really like something
It just won't come out right?” And the poet and novelist Muro Saisei once wrote, 
“Home is where you reminisce when you are far away
and sing with sorrow.” I was born on Koyasan. I have lived here for 72 years. And I will eventually die here. But for someone who loves Koyasan as much as I do, it is surprisingly hard to put those feelings into words. I suppose if I had to try, I would say, 
“I’m glad I was born on Koyasan. I’m glad I’m a child of the Shingon temple that Kobo Daishi founded.”

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